Top 05 WordPress Editor Plugins

Top 05 WordPress Editor Plugins

There are a lot of things that go into deciding what the best WordPress editor plugins are. You have to factor in things like overall functionality, design, graphics, and ease of use. There are so many things that go into each that we want to state once again that all of the WordPress editor plugins that are on this list have excellent functionality and would be a smart addition to your overall web strategy. However, we have to break these products down into a list-based format, and doing so makes some look better than others.Let’s see Top 05 WordPress Editor Plugins.

1 Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

One of the things that makes this tiny widget so effective is that it adds a new visual editor that allows you to change and select different aspects of the field of view. This lets you add rich text and media to your posts. It’s easy to see that the default WordPress widget makes it so you have to know a thing or two about HTML. You don’t have to worry about these things with this widget.

With this widget, you can fully switch between visual mode and HTML mode. You can go ahead and put in media from your WordPress media library. Luckily, it does support full screen editing mode. There’s also support for the accessibility of widgets overall. You can edit your widgets still by using the native editor that you’ve been using, so there’s no lack of functionality there. With this WordPress editor plugin, you can have linkbacks to everything just as you would in a typical setting.

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2 Elementor Page Builder

The especially important thing about this WordPress editor plugin was that it be fast out of the box. The creators achieved this by developing instant reaction. Things truly do react instantaneously with this WordPress editor plugin, so you can spend more time designing your site and less time worrying about the speed of uploads and the like. This makes this WordPress editor plugin the fastest of any other plugin, whether free or paid. Another benefit of this editor plugin is that you see what the page will look like right as you’re making changes. This allows you to edit things on the fly and get things right the first time.

There’s a designated template library built right into the program that you can use to use templates that were pre-made or even design your own that you can then use whenever and wherever you want. There’s also proprietary mobile editing that you can use to make your mobile site look up to par every time.

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3 Beaver Builder – WordPress Page Builder

This WordPress editor plugin works by allowing you to drag and drop your content around. Instead of having to fuss with often confusing HTML code, you can just as easily use Beaver Builder to move everything around in a simple and intuitive way. Beaver Builder has an extensive collection of help staff to help you every step of the way to make sure that your experience with their WordPress editor plugin is a good one.

Everything that’s done in terms of coding when it comes to Beaver Builder is all done behind the scenes. This way, you can worry more about getting your page to look the way you want and less about how you’re going to get it there. You shouldn’t have to be an expert at coding just to get your website up and running. You can go ahead and utilize all of the WordPress widgets and shortcodes that you would like to use. It also works with posts, pages, and custom post types too.


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4 WP Editor
WP Editor

This is a WordPress editor plugin built around speed and reliability. It’s built to take the existing WordPress functionality and replace it with something stronger, faster, and a little bit stabler to give its users a steady, reliable experience. It integrates with FancyBox and CodeMirror to do what it does, and it does this by creating what can be seen as an environment that’s rich in features. The file editing function is totally changed in this version, which is something that you should be made aware of.

This WordPress editor plugin uses Active Line Highlighting in its setup. It also has line wrapping and line numbers so that you can keep track of your lines and what’s going on with them. There are eight themes for the editing of information, and all of them include syntax highlighting.

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5 CKEditor for WordPress
CKEditor for WordPress

This editor plugin functions as a text editor that you can use in websites. It works by taking features that you’d find in other programs and then puts them into WordPress. CKEditor for WordPress has been found to be compatible with every browser and OS that you can possibly be using.

This WordPress editor plugin works by taking the default WordPress editor and then replacing it with the plugin’s own editor. It has its own upload manager as well as its own file manager to streamline integration on this platform. The integration plugins that it has are numerous, and a large amount of what’s seen in the editor plugin can be customized.

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