Install the Dart SDK on Windows 10

Install the Dart SDK on Windows 10

Dart is a programming language that has easy to learn syntax. It comes with various features that are maintained by the Google Dart Team. Dart is used to making cross-platform development easy. It is has a framework called Flutter aimed to create Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop applications from a single code base.

Dart SDK has three types of SDK channels.

Stable Channel — Stable Channel SDK is ready to use SDK at the production level. You can use it without worrying about the bugs in the code.

Beta Channel — Beta Channel is for the preview of the new features coming up for stable release in the next update. It is advised to use it for testing out new features in your app but not publish it for customers until the next update.

Dev Channel — Dev Channel has all the newest features coming from the developers. It has a high risk of bugs and highly unstable.

For this article, we will install the Stable Version but installation is the same for all other channels.

Step 1: Download the Dart SDK Zip file

=> Go to the Dart SDK Archive Page and download the Dart-SDK file.

=> Click on the Dart SDK link. In a short while, the download will begin.


Step 2: Extract the zip file

=> Extract the zip file into a folder named src in C: drive.

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While Extracting ensure that there is no space in the folder name in your path like “Program Files”.

C:\Program Files\src\...

Step 3: Navigate to Dart SDK folder in Command Prompt

=> Navigate to the “dart-sdk\bin” folder in the command prompt.


=> Open the bin folder in windows explorer, clear the address bar and type “cmd” to open the command prompt.

=> Next type “dart” in command prompt and press Enter.


Step 4: Add Dart Path to the Environment Variable

Environment Variables help us to use the dart-SDK from anywhere in the Computer. Add dart bin path to the Environment Variables.

=> Open the Environment Variable. Under System Variables click on Path and click the Edit button.

=> Click on New and add the dart path till the bin folder. Don’t forget to add bin your path.

=> Click on OK.


Step 4: (Optional) Test the dart-SDK installation

=> Finally, Open up the command prompt and enter the command “dart”.

The following result should appear.

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