Difference Between Mobile Website and Responsive Website

Difference Between Mobile Website and Responsive Website

In today world of technology, every business owner knows the importance of grabbing the attention of potential customers with the help of websites or other online tools of technology because they know it very well that without these tools they may go invisible for their clients and this invisibility could hit their market value. Now the customers want to access the services through their Desktop, tablet or mobile phone so they need your presence on all available devices. Here are some Difference Between Mobile Websites and Responsive Websites.

Mobile Website

A mobile website is actually a separate version of the desktop website that is designed especially for the smartphone devices. You might have seen the mobile-optimized website version in years ago. Around almost 10 years ago there was a trend of creating two versions of the website, one is desktop or others is a mobile version. If a smartphone user visits such sites they are automatically detected about the mobile version of the website. These mobile-optimized websites were very beneficent in different ways:
  1. These websites lead towards the good user experience because the mobile optimized websites could be accessed easily all content could be seen or read easily.

  2. Mobile optimized websites increase the downloading and loading speed.

  3. Such websites improve the search ranking on different search engines.

  4. They could be accessed anywhere and anytime, this connectivity will increase the consumer’s confidence and trust.

  5. It is a cost-effective technique to available for users and to stand out among the competitors.

Difference Between Mobile Website and Responsive Website

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design means that having a website that works for all desktop, tablet, and mobile equally with the same content. Responsive website design could be viewed on different devices, it automatically adjusts the layout. Responsive website design is an easy and excellent choice as well as could be considered as the forward thinking of technology. It supports different screens or devices normally while creating a responsive website design the screen is adjusted according to a simple formula of one, two or three columns. The content is displayed on the desktop is displayed in three columns, while in the tablet it is adjusted in two column and one column is displayed in mobile. The business owners are preferring responsive website design and appreciates its benefits such as:

  1. If you have a responsive website design for your business it simply means that Google is going to rank it higher because google understands the terms according to the user-friendliness. Responsive website design simply means that business is taking care of user’s need and requirements, therefore, Google rank it higher.

  2. Google is ranking the website higher means business is going to get traffic of their potential customers and with the help of this traffic. It will improve the sales and revenue of the business because customers can easily and comfortably get access to the complete information of website as well as business.

  3. Responsive website design will improve the user’s experience because they could easily get the information anywhere and anytime.

  4. This responsive website design is going to save the time that spends on the management of the website as well as the time of the user.

  5. You just need to update and track one same website for all analytics and could get the consolidated report of user’s journey.
Difference Between Mobile Website and Responsive Website

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