Bootstrap Modal Login Popup

How it works ?

Before getting started with Bootstrap modal component, Let know something about bootstrap model login popup.

  • Modals are built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They’re positioned over everything else in the document and remove scroll from the  so that modal content scrolls instead.
  • Clicking on the modal “backdrop” will automatically close the modal.
  • Bootstrap only supports one modal window at a time. Nested modals aren’t supported as we believe them to be poor user experiences.
  • Modals use position: fixed, which can sometimes be a bit particular about its rendering. Whenever possible, place your modal HTML in a top-level position to avoid potential interference from other elements. You’ll likely run into issues when nesting a .modal within another fixed element.
  • Once again, due to position: fixed, there are some caveats with using modals on mobile devices. See bootstrap browser support doc for details.
boostrap modal login button
boostrap modal login

Thats it..

there is no any coding conflict with other scripts or stylesheets. you can simply upgrade  and modify the codes to make the design better.


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